Coaching for Young Adults (18-25)

Give yourself or your young adult the space and grace to receive encouragement and support.  Coach Amy provides an empathetic environment that is judgment-free. Experience what it feels like to have someone mindfully listen to you. You can grow and learn from whatever difficulties you have going on; allow Amy’s conscious energy coaching to empower you to create the life you want.

You’re not a kid anymore!

When young adults move out of the home, to go to college or head out into the workforce they experience a significant life transition.  Coaching will help with decision-making, relationship skills, time management, social awareness, and even basic independent life skills.  Coaching will boost confidence and help with problem-solving. Also, leadership skills are not just for those in leading roles but they also help with self-advocating, brainstorming, and sharing ideas.  Leading yourself helps with leadership in your life.

Transitioning from being a teenager and into young adulthood does not always come naturally or easily for many.  “Soft skills,” like empathy, emotional intelligence, emotion regulation, self-awareness, social awareness, and communication skills, are often taught and practiced skills.  Coaching is a great place to gain these insights before learning things the hard way.

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Self Discovery

Are you truly operating as your “who,” or do you feel you are what others expect you to be? Are you happy with who you are becoming? Take the time to discover and explore your who. You will be amazed at the opportunities coming your way when you know who you want to be or understand who you are.

It is recommended that you take the Energy Leadership Index assessment for this area of coaching.

Relationship Transitions

Being in a relationship can be very difficult. Do you feel like you lost part of your identity? Are family relationships challenging for you? Are you finding a long-time friendship has become more work than it should be? Are you learning to live on your own after a long time relationship?

Adulting 101

Are you 18-30? Are you having difficulty “adulting,” tired of other grown-ups pushing their agenda onto you? Learn what adulting can look like for you and how to implement it. Amy is here to help you with your agenda!


Do you wish you could change your job or career? Would you like to build more confidence in the job you have now? Does your fear keep you from opportunities that could change your life?
It is recommended that you take the Energy Leadership Index assessment for this area of coaching, to the description.

Goal Setting & Motivation

Do you need help setting some goals? Do you need to learn how to develop an effective action plan? Learn how to set goals with productive action plans, and points for accountability and discover the motivation you create to keep yourself on the task.

It is recommended that you take the Energy Leadership Index assessment for this area of coaching.

Ask Amy About the Energy Leadership Index (ELI)

The ELI is a digital 70 rating statement attitudinal assessment. The client will be asked to rate each statement on the dissatisfied-satisfied rating scale.  It takes most people about 20 minutes to take it.  Once the client submits their results, they will be sent to Coach Amy and she will use the results to write up a comprehensive debrief for the client.  The next step is a 90-minute session to go over what it all means.  The results will show the client how they use their attitudes and perceptions to shape their life, and how this converts to the energy levels we all work with.  This awareness allows clients to have more insightful energy regulation to make better decisions and become productive problem solvers.

Be curious about how your attitudes and perceptions shape what you get from life. Be in charge of your outcomes! The Energy Leadership Index assessment is an excellent self-awareness tool. The more you understand yourself, the more control you will have over your life.

This is a 70-statement assessment you will rate how satisfied you are with each statement. It takes 20 minutes for most people to take. Once you submit your answers, Coach Amy will get the results and will start crafting your debrief. You will meet with Coach Amy for 90 minutes to go over and understand what the outcomes mean. Once you become self-aware, you can start to control the situations in your life
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