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Amy has not only inspired me but has helped me along the way in my career during the years I worked with her as a school counselor. She is a natural empathic listener and is genuine in her approach in her work. I am a better person for knowing Amy as she has helped me in opening myself to valuable new perspectives. I enthusiastically recommend Amy!

Rachel S. Connecticut

I definitely recommend the services offered by Aspire. Amy is extremely knowledgeable. With her help, in the last few years I have become a better person. She asks the right questions to get me focused on my goals and take action.

Janet H. Florida

Amy has most definitely impacted my life for the better! Amy has helped me just by being there for me, supporting me, and listening to me with a gentle and non-judgmental point of view. Amy listens gently and offers the best and most supportive advice, all while making you know that you can trust her with whatever might be troubling to you.

Erica Q. Connecticut

I was a student who was lucky enough to have Amy Jacques as my school counselor during my middle school years. These were particularly challenging years for me, Amy (Mrs. Jacques) always lent me a helping hand, comfort, and guidance during uncertain times. She helped me learn how to navigate my way through life when things appeared to be at their worst and has truly impacted my life for the better, even now nearly five years later. Amy Jacques is just a kind and compassionate individual who strives to help others as much as possible and I couldn’t recommend her services enough!

Kylie W. Connecticut

Amy is a skilled coach. Through our work together, Amy encouraged me to reach deep within to find the answers to address the areas that I identified for improvement. We also developed an implementation plan. Amy gently encourages, connects the dots, and provides for accountability. If you are ready for change or need assistance focusing on an issue, you are ready to work with Amy! I am grateful for the time that we spent together. You will be grateful too!

Cindy K. Pennsylvania

I found my experience with Amy to be extremely positive and would highly recommend her as a coach. She is authentic, caring, and non-judgmental, creating an environment that is easy to relax and explore complicated ideas. She is also extremely encouraging, super warm, and very relatable - I am grateful for our time together!

Steve F. New York

My experience working with Amy as a peer coach during this career transition period in my life has been invaluable. Amy brings her authentic and genuine self to each conversation, creating a connection that encourages self-discovery and awareness to emerge.

Lori A. Massachusetts