Teen & Young Adult Coaching
(13-17) and (18-26)

“You’ll never know what you are capable of until you take the first step and just go for it.”
Nathasha Hastings, American Olympic Athlete

The Power of Coaching for Teenagers

Learning who you are and who you are becoming is empowering work.
Coaching is not therapy.

Cultivating a safe and trusting environment between coach and teen is essential when gaining buy-in.  Teens need to be genuinely heard and validated before they can trust enough to consider a new thought process or ideal to be a part of their world. Aspire’s approach to teen coaching is to give space with active listening and appropriate validation. When this is established, the structure for the coaching becomes purposeful as the work begins. Coaching is not a therapeutic practice, so the work is based on moving teens forward from wherever they are feeling stuck or lost.  Some Teens set goals and use coaching as a place for brainstorming and accountability, and other teens use the space for self-exploration and confidence building.  Only teens that are coaching curious or want to be coached should be scheduled for sessions.

Who benefits from Aspire's Teen Coaching?

Amy coaches students that are typical teens. Amy works with teens that are willing participants and motivated to work on themselves, on their goals.  The teen client must be able to sustain 45 minutes of focusing. The work is socially and emotionally based.  The most likely areas of focus are self-awareness, self-managment, decision making, relationship skills and social awareness. If your teen has difficulties sustaining focus or struggles with behavior then Amy’s coaching is not the right fit for your teen.

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Coaching for Young Adults (18-26)

When young adults move out of the house, go to college, and head out to the workforce, they experience a significant life transition. Coaching will help with decision-making, relationship skills, time management, social awareness, and even basic independent life skills. Coaching will boost confidence and help with problem-solving. Leadership skills are not just for those in leading roles but also help with self-advocating, brainstorming, and sharing ideas. Leading yourself helps with leadership in your life.

Transitioning from being a young teenager into an older teenager and even into young adulthood does not always come naturally or easily for many. “Soft skills,” like empathy, emotional intelligence, emotion regulation, self-awareness, social awareness, and communication, are often taught and practiced skills. Coaching is great for gaining these insights before learning the hard way.

Each coaching relationship is individualized according to clients needs.  There is no one-size fits all application.  The coach takes time getting to know client, fostering understanding and safety in the coaching session.  There will be questionnaires to fill out and a face to face meeting (via Zoom or in person). This allows the client to get a feeling of what it would be like to work with our coach, Amy.  The coach focuses on the clients’ agendas, and not the stakeholders (parents/caregivers). 

 Aspire, LLC., is all inclusive.

When there is a stakeholder in the coaching agreement, please understand that Coach Amy holds the sessions confidential between herself and the client.  If the stakeholder/parent/caregiver wants to know what was said in a session they must ask their teen/YA.  It is up to them if they will share or not share.  The confidentiality keeps the sessions safe and provides the client to speak freely in this space. 

For all clients under the age of 18, Coach Amy is required by law to report any suspicion of neglect or abuse.  Understand that Coach Amy has 19 years of school counseling experience, so she is not alarmed very easily.  Amy would not feel transparent if she did not disclose the mandated part of her work.

Other Useful Information

As a certified school counselor of 19 years, Amy has the credentials and experience needed to work with teens.