Discover Your Power.

Coaching for Teens (13-17)

Learning who you are and who you are becoming is empowering work.

Empowerment has a profound impact on teenagers, fostering personal growth, resilience, and confidence. It cultivates self- awareness, resilience, and the ability to make meaningful choices. Empowered teenagers develop a strong sense of identity, find their voice, and become active contributors to their communities. It also supports their mental and emotional well- being, enabling them to navigate challenges and build positive relationships. Empowerment equips teenagers to shape their own futures and make a positive impact on the world.


Understanding who they are by exploring values and their satisfaction levels of the eight domains of life creates a boost of self-confidence, instills confidence in others, and may even empower their voice.‚Äč

Executive Function Skills

Strengthened executive function skills result in improvements in organization, time management, planning, prioritizing, stress coping strategies, flexibility, attention, and focus. Enhancing any one or more of these executive function skills can foster growth not only in academics but also in overcoming life's obstacles, while also developing skills for independent living.

Leadership Skills

Your teen will enhance their self-awareness, improve communication skills, develop decision-making abilities, strengthen emotional intelligence and regulation, and gain an understanding of what it takes to be a leader for themselves and others.


Empowered teens demonstrate increased self-confidence, effective communication, and strong leadership, equipping them to navigate challenges and make meaningful contributions to society.

What is the commitment to empowerment coaching?

Nine Sessions:

  • (1) Meet & Greet With Caregivers & Teens
  • (7) 45-min Coaching Sessions
  • (1) 45 Min Review and Evaluation

Aspire is a virtual coaching setting, no in-person appointments at this time.

Amy partners with clients from all over the United States.

Amy only coaches teens that are coaching curious and willing.