Parent/Caregiver Coaching

The top three unhelpful traps parents and caregivers fall into…..


  • Parenting can be challenging, and many parents experience self-doubt. It is a natural part of the parenting journey to reflect on your decisions and wonder if you are doing the right thing for your child. While it is natural, be mindful where your self-doubt takes you.
  •  It is important to remember that no parent is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. Parenting is a learning process for every developmental level of your child’s transitions, and it’s normal to question decisions and seek validation. Building confidence as a parent takes time, patience, and self-compassion.
Not asking for help:
  •  If you’re feeling overwhelmed or struggling with parenting concerns, seeking support from other parents, friends, or professionals such as therapists, parent support groups, and coaches can be helpful. They can provide guidance, reassurance, and practical tips to help you navigate parenting challenges. Remember, you’re doing your best, and seeking support shows your commitment to being a great parent.


So, do you think you’re ready for empty nesting?

  • The transition to becoming an empty nester can be bittersweet for many parents. It is common to feel a mix of emotions, including both sadness and pride, as your children move on to the next stage of their lives. The level of preparedness can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances.
  • To prepare for the empty nest phase, it can be helpful to focus on self-care, maintaining a strong support network, and exploring new interests or hobbies. It is also important to maintain open lines of communication with your children while allowing them the space and independence they need to grow.
  • Additionally, some parents find it helpful to seek support from others who have gone through or are going through the same experience. Finding a community or support group for empty nesters can provide valuable insights, advice, and a sense of camaraderie during this transition.
  • Remember, this is a new phase of your life, and it can be an opportunity for personal growth and exploration. While it may take time to adjust, many parents find new meaning and purpose

Parent/Caregiver Coaching is not always centered around the teens or young adults, please consider investing in coaching for yourself . You are worth it!

How many times has someone asked you, "How are you?" and you said "fine" but you really weren't fine?

Here are 10 things parents/caregivers are coping with, when they say, “I’m fine.”

Balancing work responsibilities with parenting duties can be demanding and stressful. Coach Amy is always here for you!

Providing for teens and young adult needs, education, and other expenses can be a signficant source of stress for parents.  Coach Amy is always here for you!

Keeping up with all of the ever-changing techology and apps can cause some parents to give up and feel like, “that is for young people.” This idea can  lead to thoughts about being left behind and becoming even further apart from their teens/young adults. For teens in middle school and high school parental communication and checking with academics is all handled electronically, leaving parents feeling pressured to consistently keep up and this can be stressful and exhausting.  Amy is always here for you!

Keeping up with grades, social emotional issues, extracurricular activity, the college application process, dealing with rejection, and making the bigger academic decisions is just plain scary.  Coach Amy is always  here for you!


Coping with stress, anxiety and depression [insert any mental health challenge] while managing parental responsibilities leads to fatigue and exhaustion.  Coach Amy is always here for you!

Finding time for quality family interactions amid busy schedules can lead to feelings of being disconnected and sadness. Coach Amy is always here for you.

Dealing with societal expectations and norms related to parenting style and choices leaves many parents feeling inadequate.  Those parents scrolling through social media for their downtime most often spend time comparing their lives against the seemingly happy, good lives people post. This turns feelings of inadequacy into feelings of failure.  Coach Amy is always here for you!

Ensuring the well-being of their teens and young adults, including managing the illnesses and safety concerns can lead to spinning anxiety.  As teens grow into young adults the stress about taking care of themselves (going to the doctor, dentist, etc) and the lost of insurance at age 26 can be worrisome too.  Coach Amy is always here for you!

Feeling guilty about not spending enough time with your teens and young adults or questioning current parent decisions and those from the past creates that inadequacy and feelings of self-doubt.  Revisiting parenting decisions that did not go well cultivates that “I am not good enough” inner critic that can keep you down! Coach Amy is always here for you!

As your kids become teens and then young adults you may experience constant fear about all of the external peer influences that my present themselves to our teens/young adults.  Losing control of this part of parenting can feel daunting and keep parents up at night.  Coach Amy is always here for you!

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I found my experience with Amy to be extremely positive and would highly recommend her as a coach. She is authentic, caring, and non-judgmental; creating an environment that is easy to relax and explore complicated ideas. She is also extremely encouraging, super warm, and very relatable - I am grateful for our time together!
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