Teens (13-17)  Adults (18+)

Amy specializes in transition coaching for adults and coaching teens.

Become The Best Version of You

“Everything we do in life requires energy. How you show up in your thinking, doing and being impacts your experience in that moment.”
~ Institute of Professional Coaching in Excellence (iPEC)

Teen Coaching (13-17)

Aspire offers a safe, inclusive space for teens to speak and feel heard. Self-awareness and validation will encourage motivation and add to their perseverance and resilience abilities. Amy aims to create a connection first, so the client really feels that Amy cares and wants to work on their agenda and not on other’s agenda.

Transitions Coach for Adults (18-26) and (26+)

Dealing with any transition, whether it involves family changes, career changes, or any personal changes, requires energy for how you navigate, motivate and persevere. Becoming aware of your energetic flow can help move you through what is getting in your way or holding you back. Changes are hard; you don’t have to go it alone.

I found my experience with Amy to be extremely positive and would highly recommend her as a coach. She is authentic, caring, and non-judgmental; creating an environment that is easy to relax and explore complicated ideas. She is also extremely encouraging, super warm, and very relatable - I am grateful for our time together!
Steve Flouty
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