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Coaching For Adults (18+)

Discover Your Empowerment Within

Amy Empowers Clients

The essence of empowerment lies in unlocking one’s true potential, embracing strengths, and triumphing over obstacles. When we feel empowered, we possess the confidence, motivation, and belief in ourselves to pursue our dreams and create positive change in our lives.

Empowerment coaching guides you towards building self-awareness, recognizing your worth, and valuing your unique abilities. It empowers you to trust in your capacity to make meaningful choices and take control of your own narrative. By breaking free from limiting beliefs and embracing a growth mindset, you unlock your inner resilience and discover the strength to persist through challenges.

What is the commitment to empowerment coaching?

Nine Sessions

  • (1) 30-min Introductory Session
  • (1) 90-min ELI debrief session
  • (6) 45 Minute Sessions
  • (1) 45 Min Review and Evaluation

Amy coaches weekly or bi-weekly.

Aspire is a virtual coaching setting, no in-person appointments at this time.

Amy partners with clients from all over the United States.