A Quick Guide to Adulting

Most people live at home until they are 18, come home from college by 21, and then live at home for some time before being able to move out into their place. With the amount of student loan debt our country allows and the meager minimum pay here in our country, it is challenging to move out! Many of our current young adults have become accustomed to having a parent, caregiver, or even perhaps an older sibling doing things for them that the young adults didn’t even realize they should be doing for themselves. This is a sign of our times, with the rising cost of living and post-pandemic effect.


A clean space is easier to breathe in and relax in. So work on cleaning as you go in your new independent living space: Cook dinner and clean the kitchen. Spill a plant over, and sweep up all the soil. Spill some soda, juice, or wine, sop that up right away, and then clean with an all-purpose cleaner. Empty all of your bathroom and bedroom garbage into your kitchen garbage regularly. Take your trash out on garbage day. If you keep up with this as you go, when company comes over, you have no worries, and your weekly cleaning becomes easier too. Clean your bathrooms weekly, mold & mildew ruin things, and smell.

Do Laundry

Keep up with your laundry, and come up with a routine. Dirty laundry smells.

Health Checks

Go to the doctor and dentist regularly. Keep up with appointments; try making them before leaving an appointment you are already attending. Apply for health insurance if you do not have any; there are affordable plans you may qualify for in your state. At 26, you can no longer be on your parent’s or caregiver’s plans.

Car Maintenance

Get your oil changed on your car at least every three or four months, and have your car’s fluids checked regularly. Pay attention to when you need to bring your vehicle to emissions. Check your car tires and get new tires if you see any balding or uneven usage. If your tires are not wearing at the same rate, you may need a front-end alignment. Consult someone who may know.

Pay Bills on Time & Save Money

Make your car payment on time, and pay your insurance on time. Do not let insurance lapse! Make sure you do not let your driver’s license or registration lapse – that can end up becoming a hefty fine or a suspended license.
Make sure you pay your rent (mortgage) on time. If you pay rent, you will want renters insurance; it is inexpensive and could protect your expensive electronics. If you buy a home, you must get homeowners insurance.
Go grocery shopping and eat out less.
USE COUPONS! Buy store brands!
Open a savings account. Even $10 a week is wise and better than nothing!