Conscious Energy Coaching

Adults and Teens/Young Adults

“ Aspire, LLC is a client-centered life coaching service. Experience the impact of coaching and how it can change your life. I am always here for you.
— Amy Jacques, MS. Ed., CPC, ELI-MP, CTDS, CLDS

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Aspire’s Coaching Philosophy

As a certified professional Core Energy coach, Amy believes we all function with certain levels of energy.  Whenever we think or do, we are expending energy, as we are energetic beings. Some of our energy serves us well, and others may hold us back or keep us “stuck.”  The more we are self-aware and focus on higher levels of consciousness, the easier it is to shift from unnerving energy to one that is productive and constructive and creates intrinsic motivation within us. Aspire creates space for people to work through catabolic energy and leverage anabolic energy, so personal growth is consistent through all stages of life.

Source: Bruce Schneider, founder of iPEC 2006
Teens 13-17

Amy aims to create connections with teens so they feel heard and acknowledged. Once a connection is created, the work can start. Aspire is a safe place for teens to work on confidence, self-advocacy, self-awareness, relationships, and goal-setting with accountability.

Adults 18-60+

Amy offers help for the many changes in life, such as families, our roles, stages of life, transitioning from teenhood to adulthood, relationships, careers, and the like. Aspire is also a great place to explore your self-awareness and learn how your attitudes and perceptions create your life.


Amy has not only inspired me but has helped me along the way in my career during the years I worked with her as a school counselor. She is a natural empathic listener and is genuine in her approach in her work. I am a better person for knowing Amy as she has helped me in opening myself to valuable new perspectives. I enthusiastically recommend Amy!

Rachel S.


I definitely recommend the services offered by Aspire. Amy is extremely knowledgeable. With her help, in the last few years I have become a better person. She asks the right questions to get me focused on my goals and take action.

Janet H.


Amy has most definitely impacted my life for the better! Amy has helped me just by being there for me, supporting me, and listening to me with a gentle and non-judgmental point of view. Amy listens gently and offers the best and most supportive advice, all while making you know that you can trust her with whatever might be troubling to you.

Erica Q.