Aspire, LLC.

an adult and teen empowerment coaching practice

“I help adults and teens cultivate their inner strengths and navigate their most complex challenges. Aspire’s empowerment coaching fosters self-awareness and instills effective leadership skills so individuals can unlock their full potential and achieve personal growth.”

— Amy Jacques, MS. Ed., CPC, ELI-MP, CTDS, CLDS

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Aspire’s Core Values

Taking Brene’ Brown’s lead, Aspire prides itself on the following values:

  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Connection
The courage to be vulnerable starts an impactful journey toward creating joy, happiness and success in one’s life. Aspire creates a safe space for vulernability, always listening and never judging. When you’re ready to do the work, with Coach Amy’s support, you will build your courage.

Aspire’s non-judgmental approach comes from compassion. Coach Amy has a strong compassion for people, infact humanity is her higher power.  Compassion is key to successful relationships, especially with the relationship you have with yourself.  Compassion enriches one’s empathy and therefore the ability to care for themselves and others. 

Connecting with others is what keeps us motivated, informed and engaged with people and relationships.  Feeling a strong sense of connection empowers us to find our courage and create our compassion. Connection is a basic necessity in our lives that keeps us growing. Establishing a connection with each client is of utmost importance to Coach Amy and is what keeps Aspire a genuine and authentic coaching practice. 


Amy has not only inspired me but has helped me along the way in my career during the years I worked with her as a school counselor. She is a natural empathic listener and is genuine in her approach in her work. I am a better person for knowing Amy as she has helped me in opening myself to valuable new perspectives. I enthusiastically recommend Amy!

Rachel S.


I definitely recommend the services offered by Aspire. Amy is extremely knowledgeable. With her help, in the last few years I have become a better person. She asks the right questions to get me focused on my goals and take action.

Janet H.


Amy has most definitely impacted my life for the better! Amy has helped me just by being there for me, supporting me, and listening to me with a gentle and non-judgmental point of view. Amy listens gently and offers the best and most supportive advice, all while making you know that you can trust her with whatever might be troubling to you.

Erica Q.